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Qualifiying Conditions 



The Arizona Department of Health  Services  (AZDHS) website has all the information you'll need once your application is in process.  AZDHS has been assisting patients just like you to legally obtain their medical marijuana card in the simplest manner possible. CLICK HERE   to be directed to their FAQ's page.
This section contains important documents we'll need to facilitate your appointment and to process your application to  AZDHS. This can be done during or after your visit with us. Please CLICK HERE  to print out forms. 

Medical Records release to be filled out and signed by you then faxed to your doctors office. Please CLICK HERE to print out form 
The Arizona Department of Health Services is conducting ongoing hearings to consider adding to the already comprehensive list of debilitating conditions that enable a patient to qualify for a medical marijuana card. CLICK HERE for more info on qualifying conditions, public hearings, and research performed by the University of Arizona on such conditions.
The state of Arizona charges a standard $150 fee for each application every year.  Patients who receive SNAP benefits are eligible for a $75 reduction in their state fee.

Additionally, each applicant must pay a fee to the doctor to receive a recommendation for the medical marijuana program.  By working with Level Up, we are able to offer patients a special discounted rate on applications:  Our doctor will charge patients $75 for recommendations.

Typically, a patient will pay:  $150 state fee + $75 recommendation fee = $225 total

An additional $75 fee applies if the patient does not supply medical records and the doctor must conduct an exam.  The exam fee is waived for veterans.

A $75 hold fee will be required when making an appointment, whether online or by phone


Dr. Carlos Santo is a licensed naturopathic physician, acupuncturist, and NeuroKInetic Therapy® practitioner in the state of Arizona. He holds graduate and professional degrees from The Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, The Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture, and Purdue University. Since 1997, Dr. Santo has helped thousands of patients achieve optimal health and wellness through the miracles of holistic and complimentary medicine. His specialties have included managing acute and chronic pain, chronic disease and autoimmunity, mood disorders, hormone disorders, heart disease, weight management, smoking cessation, and more. He is also happy to support the medical marijuana industry in providing medical marijuana certifications to qualifying patients. When not at work, Dr. Santo enjoys playing his bass guitar in a variety of venues, practicing yoga and meditation, learning about breakthroughs in science and spirituality, and traveling. 


 The place was just what I expected - nice professionals who really know their "cookies." The kind doctor also did not seem turned off that I am not a fan of conventional medicine & suggested some products that I should try, since I went the holistic route. How cool is that - a doctor who has alternatives rather than being a prisoner for opioids like most docs just simply prescribe without thought. And, he's a cool sports fan that likes the Yankees (I'm from Brooklyn-kinship!) – D.T.
 Dr. Santos and his Staff are wonderful people and made the entire process an enjoyable one. I am happy to be a Patient for Life! – W. L.
  Everyone is so friendly. And efficient. I know this is sort of a "jump through the hoop requirement" but I really felt they cared about my issues and interacted well with me. A+ - T. P.
It was great being able to get an appointment quickly, and I appreciated the professional service. Also, the partnership with Level/Up really sets you guys apart from other certification centers. Thanks again and see you next year! – M. K.
Dr. Santo is outstanding! It’s been one year since I’ve used cannabis, my direction was to get off my prescription drugs. I followed Dr. Santos advise, today I’m proud to say I’m still off prescription pain drugs... Amen! - E. P.
Dr. Santo was very understanding I was late due to traffic because of accidents along the 60. I drove over an hour to be seen and him as well as his assistant were kind and inviting... I will be back for renewal every year moving forward. Seeing is that it is a pay it forward way to help us as patients. I’m grateful for my evaluation being waved due to the fact I am a Veteran. Thank you for helping me medicate in a way I know is best for me and helps me function daily as well as ease my chronic pain!!! I appreciate you!!! - J.W.
Dr. saw me early; when is the last time that ever happened to anyone! This is my third visit to this clinic; I recommend them to anyone needed a new or renewal certification. Special thanks to Michelle in this office, who caught a minor snafu, called and resolved. I received my renewal card exactly one week after my appointment. – G. A.
Dr. Santos is a caring person, I am glad I could get an appointment with him. Very professional and knowledgeable. 5 stars.  - R.C.